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Duncan Moss

Senior Staff Engineer, Seattle

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Duncan Moss joined MangoBoost in 2023 as a Senior Staff Engineer. Before joining, he worked as the lead architect of a deep learning-based streaming analytics platform, enabling best performance across GPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs. Duncan's work has focused on hardware/software co-optimization specifically for deep learning workloads across various accelerators. As part of MangoBoost America, he works on a range of projects: enabling key MangoBoost IPs on new platforms, exploring new techniques for leveraging DPUs to accelerate large language models, and mentoring the next generation of talented 
MangoBoost engineers!

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Here, success hinges on empowering those around us and fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

Why did you decide to join MangoBoost?

MangoBoost is a world leader in Data Processing Unit (DPU) technology, led by a management team with deep expertise in the FPGA community. The opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the field, developing a product that will have a real impact on data centers, is what truly drew me to MangoBoost.

Tell us about some ways you’ve made an impact here.

In my short time at MangoBoost, I've tackled a range of impactful projects.

  • Platform Expansion: I've been enabling key MangoBoost IPs on new platforms, opening doors to new market opportunities and fostering collaboration with fresh customers.
  • DPU-Powered Efficiency: By researching the latest large language model data compression techniques, I've identified DPU-friendly approaches that hold promise for significantly boosting both training and inference performance.
  • Streamlining Efficiency: Leveraging my experience in software framework architecture, I've outlined best practices for new projects, ensuring efficient developer processes.

How are you empowered to make an impact at MangoBoost?

MangoBoost's management culture is among the best I've encountered. Here, success hinges on empowering those around us and fostering a collaborative and innovative environment. We're all invested in the company's future, actively participating in discussions that shape the direction of our projects.

What are the opportunities for career growth at MangoBoost?

As a startup, MangoBoost strikes a crucial balance between delivering exceptional customer experiences and prioritizing innovation to stand out in the market. This means you'll gain expertise in best engineering practices while collaborating closely with customers and exploring emerging technologies – experiences that set MangoBoost engineering roles apart.