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Empower your
AI/ML server

Remove AI tax with our outstanding GPU over RDMA system, equipped with a RoCEv2 engine to accelerate your AI/ML workloads

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Fast Facts

We help unleash the potential
of your AI server

Our flexible GPU over RDMA product accelerates data movement by allowing peripheral PCIe devices to directly access your GPUs

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High performance

200Gbps, <2us latency

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High scalability

4K active QP w/o performance loss

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Custom congestion control and metadata

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Compatible with NVIDIA/AMD GPUs

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Ultra-fast performance

Experience enhanced data throughput and reduced latency as GPU over RDMA facilitates direct and efficient data transfer pathways

Access 200Gbps line-rate bandwidth and 
<2us end-to-end latency

Fully compatible with the Infiniband stack

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benefit 2

Higher connection scalability

Enjoy ultra-large scale of GPU servers without sacrificing speed

Thousands of connections without performance loss

Support up to 4K concurrent QPs

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Customizable solutions

Tailor our GPU over RDMA product to your datacenter's needs by leveraging our easy integrations and flexible algorithms

Easily integrate user-defined congestion control logic and metadata processing

Support a state-of-the-art congestion control algorithm by default (e.g., DCQCN, HPCC, Swift, etc.)

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