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NVMe over TCP Initiator

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Unlock the full potential of high-performance storage with our cutting-edge NVMe over TCP Initiator solution

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Fast Facts

Our HW-accelerated and SW-defined disaggregated storage solution

Revolutionize your system's usability with our groundbreaking solution. Seamlessly transform remote SSDs into local drives via TCP network connectivity, ensuring maximum performance and unparalleled user experience.



CPU savings


5.5 MIOPs

Per 100GbE port


2 ports

For line-rate throughput and flexibility

Benefit 1

Better performance with fewer CPU cores

Experience full-duplex line-rate performance with significant reduction in CPU utilization

1.3x higher throughput and 2.4x 
lower latency

2.7x fewer CPU cores

compared to standard Linux NVMe/TCP

initiator benefit 01
initiator benefit 01initiator benefit 01initiator benefit 01

Benefit 2

Full NVMe over TCP offloading

Achieve unmatched efficiency with complete offload of protocol conversion and network packet processing directly within the IO path

Accelerate offloaded functions in dataflow

initiator benefit 02
initiator benefit 02

Benefit 3

Flexibility and compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, providing a versatile solution for disaggregated storage environments

Control plane: Leverage SoC to handle performance-critical functions such as initializing NVMeover TCP connections, and handling admin commands

Data plane: Leverage FPGA to accelerate performance critical functions such as network packet processing and reliability features in the NVMe/TCP protocol

initiator benefit 03
initiator benefit 03

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